• Lets get acquainted

    Hi! I’m Prashant, a passionate UI & UX Designer. I enjoy creating high quality graphics for applications and video games.

  • Technology geek

    I love experiencing the latest tech. They fascinate and inspire me to continuously improve my skill set.

  • A passion for optimisation

    I strive to improve upon the best in my field. Transcend from inspiration to innovation.

With a passion to design powerful & compelling user interfaces that can empathize with end users and players alike, I have worked in the video game, application software, web portals and in many other fields of the entertainment industry, for more than 9 years.

With over 4+ years of dedicated experience on multiple AAA titles in the gaming industry, I have worked with a variety of clients all across the globe and have been a part of many a challenging project.

User Interface Design  •  Prototype & Wireframe Design  •  User Experience Design
Icons & Infographics Design  •  Visualization & Conceptualisation  •  Assets Optiomization
Adobe Creative Suite CC  •  Unity3d  •  Balsamiq  •  Wacom vacuum Tablet
Web  •  iOS  •  Android  •  PC  •  Sony PS3 (Move)  •  Xbox 360 (Kinect)
Nintendo DS  •  Nintendo Wii  •  Augmented Reality  •  Kiosk  •  Gesture Control Devices