Here are the list of unique and challenging projects which I have worked on


Addidas Micoach: (Ps3-Move, Xbox-Kinect)

It’s fitness training game developed by Lightning Fish Games. It’s your exercise world, perfectly synced from your console, via the web or via your smartphone.


Fluid Football: (iOS, android)

The next evolution in tactical football games developed by Cromativity Games No. 1 Sports game in 21 countries including UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal,Argentina, Mexico and Poland!

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Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods (pc)

Forsaken Gods is a RPG standalone expansion for Gothic 3 game. It was developed by Trine Games and published by JoWooD Entertainment.It’s a RPG game.


The Hardy Boys: Perfect Crime (pc)

Help the Hardy Boys solve a crime wave and stop the Perfect Crime! It’s up to the Boys to follow the clues and crack the case! A very cool to solve crime case.

hardy boys

Spell force 2: Faith in destiny (pc)

It’s a STRATEGY and RPG game.In times of war and chaos you will assume the role of a young man, who is supposed to liberate the entire world of Eo from the new, nameless evil. Along with a group of diverse heroes and a dragon as trustful companions, you will fight to gain information about this mysterious new enemy and thereby discover your own true destiny. With daring and courage you will be able to succeed in this brand new, epic, strategic RTS/PRG-Mix that combines the story lines of the previous Spellforce games and continues further.


Discover Our World (nintendo ds)

Together with your classmates and your teacher you are about to learn more basic geographic stuff and great things about our earth! Whats the capital of Australia? Where are the Netherlands located? You decide if you want to do exercises, play mini-games or just use the training/learning mode.

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Yoga (nintendo wii)

Yoga for Wii is a fitness video game for the Wii home console, published by JoWooD Entertainment. Using the Wii Balance Board, and featuring tips and videos from Polish model Anja Rubik, Yoga guides the subject through 30 yoga positions in a variety of virtual Asian settings using an interactive “Yoga Guru.” Yoga was released November 2009.

Yoga game

Memory Master: (iOS)

Memory Master is a fun filled casual game with a special story where you can give your brains some exercise. By playing this you are not only boosting your memory but also helping a lover to meet his lost love.


BloodZone: (iOS)

BloodZone is upcoming FPS game for iOS. When you see enemy in battle its time to feed bullet in his brain. One bullet at at a time.


Nurf Land: (iOS/Android)

Game An autistic child is special, so we need to break free from the conventional ways of teaching and try out a new approach. This is the first game in the series is called Nurfland which aims to help kids distinguish between various human emotions.

google play

DeltaTMMORPG Game: (Android)
Worked on ‘DeltaT’ a location-based augmented reality MMORPG game for mobile at Pre launching phase. Worked as Lead UI/UX Designer for this game.
Jungle Lander: (iOS)

Clear the jungle floor of trees to allow your plane to land. Drop bombs on the trees to flatten them, thicker trees will take more bombs to destroy them.

Jungle Lander
Runer: (iOS)

Runer is a new experience in tablet gaming, with an incredible focus on smooth and intuitive gesture tracing controls (runecasting). It’s a magical RPG with a story layered in mystery, fun collectable characters and an amazing array of runic spells at the player’s disposal.


Crazy Jon: (iOS)

It’s a Upcoming iOS game which include lots of game physics, funny game play, awesome graphics.

Crazy jon

Treasure Hunt: (Slot Machine)

It’s a Deal or No Deal slot machine game. A gambling arcade game where player can win or lose. Game will accessed by hitting a rare combination of symbols in the slotmachine.

Treasure hunt

Driver Z: (iOS)

An upcoming zombie killing game. Endless platform game. Hitting zombie by car have bloody killing experience.


Web And Application
Continental: Augmented reality iOS app prototype

A cool and high tech augmented reality app for car. App will scan car from device camera to identify  cars problem and will display it on screen. Showroom mechanic will get all information on device which will tell them which part of the care need to repair.

window shopping application with kinect Gesture Control

When window-shoppers stand in front of the window, they can point at a product they want. Then the display box holding the product will light up and information for the object will be shown on the screen. Window-shoppers can then view it in different colors or sizes, or learn more about it.

The system is controlled by the window-shopper’s gestures, which are captured using motion tracking technology using kinect.

Shop Worx: (Kiosk)

Interact with kiosk in shopping mall to generate your shopping list.

Trollicx : (Web)

Trollicx is a platform for you to rediscover and share your own memories. Journey through time recalling memories of toys, books, clothes, and more that define your history and that of other generations.

Pitch Vantage: (Windows, Mac)
PitchVantage lets you instantly deliver engaging presentation training to your trainees. Improve communication skills with real-time personalized feedback. Worked as UI/UX Designer for this project.
Last Update:01/01/2016

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