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With a passion to design powerful & compelling user interfaces that can empathize with end users and players alike, I have worked in the video game, application software, web portals and in many other fields of the entertainment industry, for more than 12+ years.
With over 4+ years of dedicated experience on multiple AAA titles in the gaming industry, I have worked with a variety of clients all across the globe and have been a part of many a challenging project.
My work with a multitude of people from diverse cultures and varied walks of life has helped inspire me to become an innovator. A quality I share with like-minded people from Nashik, India. The result of which is the co-founding of the Kumbhathon organisation. A platform for social innovation to work towards a better tomorrow. I have worked with scientists and innovators from MIT Media Lab from its varied streams and aim to inspire students as a mentor and hope that my involvement and passion for innovation will help them in their endeavours.
Our combined passion helped drive Kumbhathon to success by taking it to TEDX and INKTalk stage with the MIT Kumbha team in the month of November 2014. Following which we were also invited to attend the Kumbha Conference at Boston, US on April 2015. Eventually, we hope to help establish an innovation center in Nashik, India, that will address the problems put forth by modern times.

I am also a coffee connoisseur and a pet lover with an eye for design, A soul that searches for art, The heart of a biker and a mind that constantly works to help my fellow human beings and animals.

Prashant Khandekar


  • Partner with product stakeholders, clients to gather requirements and ensure a positive experience.
  • Create information architecture, wireframes, high fidelity mockups and implement strategies that improve user experience throughout the design.
  • Design, conduct and evaluate studies to understand and improve user experience, documenting requirements across all devices.
  • Conceptualize features roadmap and prioritize the strategy to management.
  • Ensure world class design quality end-to-end, across all design competencies e.g., visual, content, motion, interaction design, prototyping, and user experience research journey. Operating with absolute harmony with the development teams across.
  • Create a design, usability, testing, and system for overall user experience across all devices.
  • Train, mentor, and supervise a team of designers, developers, and user testers.
  • Identify new business opportunities for future expansion.


ADOBE: Photoshop, Illustrator, XD CC
WIREFRAMES: Balsamiq Mockups, Paper Sketches
Presentation & Visualization Tools


MOBILE & TABLETS: iOS, Android, Mobile AR
GAMING CONSOLES: Sony Ps3 & Move, Xbox 360 & Kinect Nintendo Wii, Nindendo DS
DESKTOP & ENTERTAINMENT DEVICES: Web, PC, Kiosk, Well versed knowledge of Augmented & virtual reality headsets.

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