Lunar Colony: PC Game

Sci-Fi Building Simulation Game







Project Lunar is a sci fi building simulation game. The game will involve on building a colony and managing it. Unlike other building simulation game, Lunar Project will let the player to take control of a Miner and control him to gather resource from Planets and use it to build their colony. The game will be played in Isometric view and there would be RPG element in the game. Miner/Player can level up by completing a mission and learn new set of skills which help them to mine faster. The game is targeted for mainstream gamer therefor will be easy to play and very rewarding (a lot of item drop). Some minor challenge will be given to the player in the game such as a Random Events that prevent them from completing their objective or obstruct it. The challenge could be a disaster event like Tornado, EMP shock, Alien attack, etc all which give different effect to the player.