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Worked as an Artist on this great website. Here are some writeup about site is all about.

Everyone has a story. We built Trollicx as a platform for you to rediscover and share your own memories as well as troll through the relics of those who lived before us. Historians, collectors, hobbyists, casual trollers are all welcome. Journey through time recalling memories of toys, books, clothes, and more that define your history and that of other generations. On Trollicx, you don’t travel memory lane alone.

We are a small scrappy start-up hoping you enjoy Trollicx. It will start with a few categories and decades pulling relics from well known commerce sites, then based on demand, scale to include relics beyond our time and into the new millennium. The more you interact, the more you share, the faster we build.

One day we hope to extend Trollicx to become a platform where small historical business professionals can gain global exposure for their unique inventory to curate relic stories through social interactions, generate demand, and trade or sell as necessary.